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Company operation management mode: the company development planning is designed as the operation and management mode of ten subsidiaries of the group company.

Rovma group include: Guangzhou Rovma Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Rovma automobile parts (Taizhou) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Rovma Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.,  Jiangsu Rovma automobile lightweight Research Institute and other subsidiaries, Jiangsu Pocea Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Main business: R&D and manufacturing of aluminum  alloy water-cooled shell, rotating shaft, magnetic ring, terminal and other precision parts and chassis parts of new energy vehicles.

Company development and positioning:

1、In 2004,Guangzhou Pocea was established, Guangzhou POCEA Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in non-standard precision parts, precision molds, tooling and fixtures, non-standard automation equipment.

2、In 2008 We began to work with BYD to develop new energy vehicle motor shaft

4、In 2010 Guangzhou Rovma Auto Parts Co., Ltd was established Specialized in motor shaft of new energy vehicles

5、In 2012 Our motor shaft won the innovation fund of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China

6、In 2013, Guangdong Muji Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established which specializing in the R & D and manufacturing of SMT Mounter, which is currently at the leading level in China

7、In 2014 Started to develop the manufacturing technology of motor water-cooled housing of new energy vehicles.In 2016, we won the ninth place in Guangzhou Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, Guangdong Provincial Winning Award, Guangdong High-Tech Enterprise, and Guangdong Engineering Technology  R&D center

8、In 2016, Jiangsu Rovma Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established to specialize in new energy automobile motor water-cooled shell. At present, the production scale and technical reserves are leading positions in China. We are Jiangsu private science and technology enterprises and Jiangsu high-tech enterprises, and the whole group company has more than 60 invention and practical patent technologies

9、In 2019 Rovma automobile lightweight Research Institute was established to study new materials and new processes, optimize the manufacturing process of water-cooled shell, develop the R & D and manufacturing of new energy original automobile chassis lightweight parts, battery box military industry and key parts for future civil energy conservation and emission reduction.We has passed the IATF16949 system certification. All subsidiaries focus on the R & D and manufacturing of professional parts, providing one-stop service for lightweight precision parts of new energy automobile industry manufacturers.

10.In 2020, Jiangsu Posea Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a registered company, is located in Jiangyan high tech park, Jiangsu Province. We has established a shaft parts production base, covering an area of 43 mu, a construction area of 20000 square meters, a registered capital of RMB100 million, and a total investment of RMB120 million . We has invested in the purchase of German high-speed and high-precision spline extrusion equipment, and the assembly line has an annual output of 1 million shaft parts within three years. Standard German manufacturing standards to build industry benchmark enterprises! After the completion of the project, our company will be the motor shaft manufacturer of domestic scale and production line, and is the only manufacturer of motor shell and motor shaft in China at present. Our company can become a business card of new energy automobile motor parts manufacturers.

Service concept: attentive, professional, single-minded, create excellent products, serve customers attentively, meet and exceed customer expectations

Industry development and objectives: the company overall marketing plan is "three five A", that is, the A-level suppliers of five domestic automobile plants, five domestic top ten motor plants, five foreign-funded automobile and motor plants. At present, we have obtained the qualification of suppliers: BYD, Geely, BAIC, Yutong, FAW, SAIC, Dayang motor, Shanghai electric drive, Zhuzhou CRRC, Xiangyang CRRC, Suzhou Huichuan, founder, Schaeffler,etc. Foreign enterprises are developing.

Supporting capacity: at present, Jiangsu Rovma company has an annual production capacity of 300000 sets of shell products. For shaft parts, Guangzhou Rovma + Jiangsu base has the supporting capacity of one million pieces per year, and the supporting capacity of motor parts and automobile lightweight chassis parts.

Rovma automobile lightweight Research Institute: gather the first-class talent team in the industry, with rich practical experience. In cooperation with doctoral supervisors of many colleges and universities, we are leading the industry in the design of new process technologies such as lightweight chassis parts, mold R & D and manufacturing. The process design and mold manufacturing were completed by the research institute to meet the demand of the company's own production capacity, integrate the upstream and downstream industry chains of the industry, form a business model of R & D and sales, and make the enterprise stronger, bigger, updated and upgraded.

Improve the management and technical team building, gather the first-class talents in the industry, and compare the German management and manufacturing standards of the technology industry. Build industry benchmark enterprises of new energy drive motor pars.