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Corporate philosophy

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1. Business philosophy: focus on the R & D and manufacturing of new energy vehicle electric drive core components!  “We are professional and you earn more money!”

2. Enterprise goal: to be the largest water-cooled motor casing and the best motor shaft manufacturing base for new energy vehicles!

3. Core competitiveness: unique manufacturing technology, quality assurance system, value to meet customer market demand!

4. Profit model: exquisite and innovative manufacturing technology, to create value for customers at the same time to obtain enterprise value!

5. Quality policy: concentration, specificity, producing excellent products, adding extra value for customers!

6. Code of conduct: take responsibility, focus on goal, keep right, share altruism!

7. Enterprise spirit: realistic and innovative, stop at the highest good, respect heaven and love, build virtue!

8. Service concept: serve customers with heart and strive to create value!

9. Enterprise vision: become the supplier of new energy vehicle drive core components! The platform of strivers, the cradle of creators, create social values and share social wealth!

10. Enterprise connotation: Rovma: enterprising, diligent; the best at present, better in the future!

11. Excellent staff: We are the master of our company, and we are the best in our business! A grasp of mundane affairs is genuine knowledge,Understanding of worldly wisdom is true learning.

12. Corporate responsibility: safeguard and protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, respect the interests of customers, create investment value for shareholders, and fulfill the enterprise