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  1. 02-05
    Automobile industry: policy + electrification drives the acceleration of automobile lightweight
    Source: Fortune Power NetworkAuthor: Cui YanDriven by energy conservation and emission reduction pol...
  2. 02-05
    [Data Analysis] Aluminum alloy chassis parts are the main focus of automobile lightweight in the second half
    Through grassroots research, we can get a clearer understanding of some of the frontline situations ...
  3. 02-05
    New energy vehicle industry development plan (2021-2035) exposed (full text attached)
    GuideOn February 1, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a kick-off m...
  4. 02-05
    To explore the application of "vehicle power separation" mode, will BAIC and Weilai become the biggest winners
    At present, the "separation of vehicle and electricity" of new energy vehicles has become ...
  5. 02-05
    Simply put, the difference between each other is the difference between inside and outside. The inne...
  6. 02-05
    Autumn car maintenance antifreeze replacement to deal with sudden changes in temperature
    With the advent of autumn, car owners’ attention has also arrived. The weather is getting colder, an...
  7. 02-05
    Face up to the new normal, parts companies have more opportunities than challenges
    The biggest challenge facing the automotive industry in 2015 is to adapt to the new normal of econom...
  8. 02-05
    Summer car air conditioning maintenance skills and use attention
    Do not adjust the air outlet direction of the air conditioner arbitrarily  Some car owners do not pa...
  9. 02-05
    My country urgently needs to strengthen the core technology research and development of auto parts
    The "largest in history" antitrust ticket directly pokes the soft underbelly of my country...
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